Colourful, Camp & Carefree. Come as you are

Poppin Out Festival 2024
Saturday 24th February from 1pm till 1030pm
This is a licensed 18+ ages event.

Our first edition kicks off during Adelaide Fringe and sees us turn a place of walls, labyrinths and control into a space of pure joy, with music, people and an attitude far removed from what it once was. Old Adelaide Gaol will break open to reveal a temple of love and freedom, and you'll be there to savour its dramatic transformation. With just a few thousand of your best friends, of course!

Creating a space that’s truly inclusive is at the heart of the Poppin Out experience: all races, sexes, genders, ages and abilities, united as one. With unexpected venues, daring performances and truly memorable production, at our core is a party - and event - to remember. Come as you are, you gorgeous thing. We know you're ready to pop. And we're here for all of it!

Expect 30+ artists from DJ's to Performers and everyone in between. We'll park up Food Trucks, spread out Market Stalls, and deliver a fabulous day party that blends smoothly into the night. Make your summer one to remember, and pop!